John Heckle: Desolate Figures

Somehow it doesn’t flounder in the past and, within the limitations of the kit Heckle so obviously uses, it’s tantamount to his skill and originality as a producer that it all hangs together so brilliantly.

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Interview: Nils Frahm

We met with Nils Frahm on the rooftop of Village Underground ahead of his debut live electronic performance at the Erased Tapes x The Hydra event in October 2013. In the extensive interview, we discuss Nils’s introduction to music via his father’s treasured record collection and what Nahum Brodski, Nils’s piano teacher had planned for his career, which he dramatically cut loose from at the age of 13.

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Hubie Davison: I Won’t Be There

It’s not everyone who gets to debut on Berlin-institution Leisure System, but Davison was a canny pick, offering up a six-track EP that glows with textural detail and ingenious sampling.

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Peter Van Hoesen: Life Performance

Kick Life Performance off when thundering along the train tracks of a daily commute, or while pounding the pavement under grey skies and through drizzle, and you will find yourself utterly ensnared.

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Dadub: Untitled EP

A sophisticated yet robust package that beckons the listener on a journey of granular ambient landscapes subverted by heavy basslines and repetitive rhythmic structures.

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DJ Rashad: Double Cup

As with any hour-long collection of club-focused music, particularly one at such a hyperactive pace, Double Cup can be exhausting to listen to all at once. Yet as a survey of the current status of footwork – its soul-indebted past, its hip-hop-inflected present and its uncertain, hybrid future– it’s an invaluable, remarkably coherent statement.

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Clarence Clarity: Save Thyself

Clarence Clarity belongs to another realm; a planet in the future, where entertainment is king and God isn’t the saviour anymore, salvation is for the self determined.

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R-Zone: R-Zone 06

R-Zone 06 is a staggeringly on-point trio of club-destroyers, and the label’s dedication to pure music, unhindered by reputation and hype, is only cause for further acclaim.

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IA MIX 119 Sawlin & Subjected

Sawlin and Subjected are a production duo from Berlin. Since meeting in 2006 courtesy of fellow producer Mørbeck, they have released definitive techno 12″s on Subjected’s self-run imprint ‘Vault Series‘. We caught up with the duo to discuss their affair with techno and reasons for starting up their own record label. The mix was recorded at Subjected’s studio in Berlin and is 100% live.

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Dopplereffekt: Tetrahymena

The least surprising thing about this release is how forward-thinking it still sounds, how dangerous and sensual Donald’s sounds can feel at their very best. The results are unanimous, Tetrahymena provides some of the strongest electroid mutations you’re likely to hear all year.

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Jay Daniel: Scorpio Rising EP

Detroit may be strapped for cash, but we can rest assured that its underground music scene continues to thrive, stocking the city with a unique musical currency that shows no sign of losing its value.

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Rival Consoles: Odyssey

An EP that seems almost impossible to encapsulate with mere words. When it ends, your heart sinks for a second, but that is swiftly dismissed as you jab at the rewind button, ready to ride the emotions one more time.

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Livity Sound: Livity Sound

In the dance realm, there’s very little that’s more exciting than hearing a group of artists at the top of their game, thinking as one, and Livity Sound is most likely the best example of this that you’ll hear all year.

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IA MIX 118 Liebniz

Leibniz is the production alias of 23 year old Moritz Leibniz, originally from the small town of Dillingen in Bavaria. His mix and interview with IA celebrates the release of his first ever 12″ vinyl record released on Fourth Wave and explores his roots into discovering electronic music. Leibniz also sheds light into Leipzig’s oldest techno club “The Distillery“, which is sadly facing closure.

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Howes x Sam Newell: Crease Fusion

Back in June 2013 Howes released his debut 12″ “TD-W700” on the Manchester based imprint Melodic Records, the video accompanying was directed by video and new media artist Sam Newell. Sam has since exhibited at the Hyperlink Festival, Tate Modern The Tanks, London and MoMa PopRally 2013. In the interview below Howes talks about his early involvement with electronic music and concept behind the video.

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